Give-away #4: Leonhardy Brushes

On the occasion of my blogging anniversary I have some give-aways, this is the fourth draw:


It includes 7 brushes, made by Leonhardy. The brushes are both make-up and art brushes, and have vegan or natural bristles. I bought them in industrial selling and am happy to have them as give-aways.

How can you take part?
Be a regular reader and comment, why you’d like to get the things and/or if you have similar things in use. Write how you follow my blog.

Goody: Everyone who in the past has commented on one of my blogs gets an extra lot for the drawing.

Goody 2: Everyone who takes part in a drawing receives one extra lot for the future drawing of the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette.

The comments are open for 72 hours (until Monday, October 27th, 11:59). When you comment you have to fill in the field for email, otherwise I cannot contact you and your comment can’t be included. I will contact the winner after the drawing, but I will not send the things until all drawings are finished (this will be at the end of the month). Every regular reader (old and new ones!) at the age of 18 or more can participate, the winner will be picked randomly, there is no right of appeal. Comments of not-regular readers are excluded.


Congratulations, Cloudlyy!

7 Replies to “Give-away #4: Leonhardy Brushes”

  1. Hey there! I can never get these brushes here in Singapore. It’s a pity because most of the commercial brushes are synthetic other than the ones from mac. It would be so lovely to have them!

    On a side note, thanks for the previous comment you left in my blog as well! Hope to have further exchanges like this in the future.


  2. Hey hey! I’m new to your english blog and reading your german one regularly.
    Also I’m pretty new to this whole brushes-stuff. I bought one from eccotools and like it so far. But that’s pretty much it.
    Still, I’d like to test a few more. And what ‘s that about “both make-up and art brushes”?
    I own about hundreds of art brushes but never used them for makeup. Maybe I should try? 😀

    Your writing style is very unique. It’s nice that you share your opinion wether you like the product or not.
    There are too many blogs out here in the www that use AMAZING and GLORIOUS too often in my opinion. But what can I say as long as I have not tested the products.

    So yeah, keep on blogging!

    Gloria Viktoria

    1. Thanks!

      Sometimes I use art brushes for my makeup. I have read a pretty impressive review on art brushes in makeup several months ago, an since then I try not to judge a brush by its name. The three brushes in the middle are art brushes: the white one you could use to apply eyeshadow below the lower lashes (the bristles are long enough not to interfere with mascara), the very thin one to apply wet mineral eyeliner and the tiny one to smudge khol kajal eyeliner or maybe to fill in your brows.

      1. Same here: I did not know about this English version until “Kosmetik natürlich” moved to its new domain, respectively until the birthday post.

        Ver fine/thin art brushes (as well as eyeliner brushes) are perfect for smoothing out the edges of your nail polish; just dip them into your nail polish remover. They are much more precise and thus much better than any nail polish correcting pen I’ve tried so far.

        Some time ago, Beautyjagd wrote about Leonhardy brushes and, if I remember correctly, she liked them quite well. Therefore and due to the fact that I do not own more than six brushes, I’d love to try these.

  3. Same here, I never considered using an art brush for make up. But actually I don’t even have so many art brushes as I’m really bad at painting… With this set I’d hope for a nice, soft, and fluffy powder brush!

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