Zeitgeist #6

What’s happened lately at green conscience? Here is my update.



In the last weeks I tried to get rid of some sample sachets that pile up in my sample drawer. Yes, I admit it: I have a small drawer where I have to stock samples and trial sizes because there are soo much of them. I used up quite a lot and liked some of the products.

  • Yüli Halcyon Cleanser: I liked it so much that I bought a full size.
  • Dr. Alkaitis Organic Treatment Oil: This is part of the travel kit which I also bought.
  • Urtekram Blond Shampoo: When I think about it, I like Urtekram as a brand very much. I also used up a large bottle of shampoo and have stocked some other items. I am not blonde, but the shampoo was even nice for my hair. It is good to know for me that the formulation of their hair care products work for me!
  • Safeas Fig Hydro Active Moisturizing Cream: Although it contains glycerin – which I tend to avoid – my skin was happy with this sample. The consistency is lighter than most creams I use, so this could be a product for summer.

I used up a lot more samples than these ones, and afterwards my skin showed me that I should get rid of my sample stash. Okay, you won. Continue reading “Zeitgeist #6”

Zeitgeist #4

Zeitgeist 4

What happened the last weeks? I’ll give you a short catch-up to my beauty world!

Buys and Rebuys

I like the Lavera Pink Energy Shower Gel very much. It smells really refreshing and energizing in a fruity way, and it contains extracts of pink grapefruit and pink pepper. This was a limited edition and when I wanted to rebuy the shower gel, it was no longer available in most stores. When I finally found a shop that had it in stock, I bought two shower gels and a body lotion as backup. The shower gel lathers very well for a natural one, and mostly after biking to work I enjoyed using it. If you find a store that has some of those left, smell if you like the fragrance!
Lavera Pink Energy Shower Gel
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Zeitgeist #1

What’s been on in the last weeks?

Dr. Hauschka changed the design of most of their products by now, after the skin care products the body care followed. According to this alteration in layout, some of the products got a new packaging. Some of the body lotions are no longer packed in glass bottles but come in tubes instead, so now you can get every little bit of lotion out of the container. They have worked hard on a solution on that known problem, and I think, they solved it in a good way.

I have watched the third season of Switched at Birth and really like the characters and how everyone has to solve the “problem” with Daphne being deaf. To some words of German sign language (coffee, tea, family, smart phone, which I already can sign) I learned some ASL ones, like amazing and sorry. If you like soaps, have a look. If you are more the Blacklist-type, the second season is just being aired.

If you are more into reading and like easy young-adult fiction, have a look at Mythos Academy. It’s more like watching a film and eating popcorn than high literature, and I like a page-turner once in a while. By now I have gone through the first four books, the rest is already ordered.

We are planning our vacation to New Zealand, it takes a lot of time to read all the travel literature and mark interesting places on the maps. The whole living room is covered in maps and books and photo stuff (my husband got a new camera and has to shoot like thousands of photos to get all the features of the camera) which makes me happy: finally, New Zealand is just a few months away, and my anticipation is growing.


Link Love!

  • I have seen a beautiful eye make-up on Roses of Beauty, looks simple but versatile.
  • Zao Cosmetics sells eyeshadows, powders etc. in refillable bamboo containers, read more about it on Pura Liv – she shows lots of photos, too.
  • Marula Oil seems to be an oil that could work superb with my oily-dry skin, read about it on Jenni Raincloud.
  • Another choice for me could be a facial oil blend from Blue Labelle, Beatuy Balm got some samples of these very affordable blends.
  • My small make-up bag has been shown on Beautyjagd, have a look what I carry around with me on week end trips!

On my German blog I wrote some posts that might be interesting for you:

  • I like bergamot and have a full body routine with it!
  • Last week I bought both Lily Lolo eyeshadow palettes and posted lots and lots of photos of the packaging, the palettes, the single colours and some swatches.
  • How to find a facial oil that suits you? I blogged about my way through the beauty jungle.
  • My summer love: Sante No. 21 Coral Pink nail polish. Long lasting and beautiful.
  • Also general thoughts about blogging have been up on my German blog, mostly about transparency and free samples.
Lily Lolo Enchanted Eye Palette
Lily Lolo Enchanted Eye Palette


On what did you spend your time the last weeks? Did something interesting happen?