End of summer

The last days have been warm, but it can’t be denied any longer: finally, summer is gone. The weather has been a little bit stormy and rainy here. When you go for a walk, leave your umbrella at home – it would most certainly fly away as soon as the first drops begin to fall. Instead, wear a waterproof hooded jacket.

Some two or three days ago we went out for a walk and found ourselves chased after by a cloudburst. The sky was grey and became darker every second, we had to hurry to our car. We didn’t make it and our shoes were soaking wet.


The day after, same change in the weather while standing at a window: it took only two minutes from grey sky to thunder shower with hail!


When autumn begins, the colours change. I do not like the uncertain weather, but I like how the trees and bushes slowly turn from green to red to golden yellow. It makes me think about change, outer and inner change. I will not wear the same make-up when the light is that different from summer, and sure my clothing is warmer now. God bye, spaghetti strap top, hello jumper!

But just as much I think about myself: what did change in the past, did I like that or not and if not, is there some possibility to make it a change for the better? At this point of the year it is time for a resumé. Only when you know where you come from and where you want to head to, you can make a course correction.

So take your time, think about your life. Do you live your life or do you actually feel as if someone made all decisions for you, so there are no choices left? Break the vicious circle! Of course you have to do all the urgent things on your to do list, but pick something important that you want to achieve in the medium term. Go for it!


What do you like more: hot summer or soft, colour changing autumn?