My personal eyeshadow palette

In my beauty stash I have some eyeshadows and lots of eyeshadow samples. But what I’m really looking out for is a green (organic) palette that fits my colour range. Here it is, my personal palette to start with, if someone would ask me!


I would start with a really nice white duochrome eyeshadow with violet-and-blue reflections. It is Purple Ice
from Zuii and works really well as a highlighter. But it can also be layered onto every other colour to give it a violet and not-so-matte finish. It is buildable from soft reflection to noticeable effect.

Next, there would be the ChriMaLuxe Minerals eyeshadow in Eggplant. The colour is purple with a hint of lavender and combines nicely with the purple-white highlighter. This is a matte one, but as I said, the Zuii white gives every shadow a soft light reflecting finish.

I really like duochrome eyeshadows combined with matte ones, so the third one would be a Zuii again. Mermaid is a bluish green (or greenish blue) duochrome colour that shifts to golden-yellow. Nice!


Dr. Hauschka has a palette with neutrals, and I picked the third colour, a matte, cold to neutral soft brown. It is almost taupe, especially when you only layer a thin coat on your lid. It helps to blend colours and gives a silky soft contour to your eye.

Not to forget a warmer brown tone, also matte, from Une natural beauty: S09. This colour is the only warm one in my palette as I do not like too much warmth in my make-up. It is very versatile, though, and makes a good start for a brown smokey eye.

The last colour would be a matte Black from ChriMaLuxe. It is the blackest black without shimmer or glitter, and it can be (carefully) mixed with all other dark or matte colours to darken them. It works great as eyeliner, too, you can apply it with a wet eyeliner brush.


Not to mention single use, what can you do with these six colours?

  • Eggplant as main colour, highlights with Purple Ice, Black eyeliner.
  • Mermaid with Hauschka (Mermaid in the inner corner, Hauschka in the outer corner of the eye) and eyeliner of Eggplant mixed with Black to a very dark Taupe.
  • Hauschka, Une and Black as smokey eye
  • Black and Une blended together on the movable eyelid and also smudged into the crease for a dramatic smokey eye, and on top of that a layer of the duochrome shadows Purple Ice and Mermaid (Mermaid onto Black, Purple Ice onto Une)

For the time being I wait for the Lily Lolo palettes to be available, and I laid my eyes on the Zuii Glamour palette. So who knows what future will bring?


Which are your favourite colours and what would your basic palette look like?

New Beauty September 2014

In September I got lots of new beauty things. Mostly travel sizes, but also some full size products.


Cattier Perle d’eau, micellar water. This is my second bottle and I absolutely love it. Nothing removes my eye make-up as gentle as this remover.

Full sizes:
Alterra Orange Soap and Sandalwood soap. Soap. I used these for my enzyme peeling soap bars.
Alterra Eyeliner Flashing Star & Liquid Eyeliner. I am not that good at using eyeliner, and mostly I go without. But I want to learn how to use liquid eyeliner, and here I have one with a brush and one with a felt tip.
Benecos Natural Mineral Powder in Golden Hazelnut (the darkest of the 4 colours). Hopefully this will mattify my skin. The colour is a little bit dark, so if it works for my, I think I will buy a lighter tone, too.
Khadi Reetha Powder (soapnut powder). I use this mostly for washing my hair, but it is not as finely ground as I wished it was. I had the washing powder once, now I give the pure soapnut powder a chance.

Travel sizes:
Farfalla Feel Beautiful Travelset. I am so curious about Farfalla. Most of their products are certified organic and vegan, so I will test them. I like the brand, they seem nice as they cover most my requirements that I have on beauty products.
Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray. If I use hairspray twice a month, that is often for me. My conventional hairspray is nearly empty and I wanted to replace it with a greener version.
Khadi Face- and body Oil White Lily Travel Size. This is going to be an experiment for a face oil blend.
Less is More Lindengloss Finishing Spray. This should work together with the hair spray.
Sensena Shower Peeling and Seasalt-Oil-Bath Walnut & Fig. The last salt scrub I bought is long gone, I usually do other peelings.

Trial Sizes and other Stuff:
Ebelin Dupe to Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring: nice hair ribbon that stays in place. It is gentle to my hair and gives hold to my ponytail or bun.
i+m Phyto Balance 24h Moisturizer Trial Size: My skin is super dry on some days, and I want to find a moisturizer that really helps on dry patches and makes my skin smooth and hydrated.
Interdental Brushes to comb through my lashes after I applied mascara.
Sanoll Hair End Moisturizing Cream Trial Size, with goats milk. My hair ends are very dry, I have to moisture them otherwise they will split or break.
Ebelin Shampoo and Massage Brush, never tried a shampoo brush before, it should help to massage oily hair treatments into the roots.

Private Purchase

On the photo above you see products that have been sent to me, too:

Indemne Gimme Clear! Travel Size: Dry oil to help with blemishes, whiteheads and acne discolouration.
Indemne Gimme Smooth!: Dry oil to help with cellulite and orange skin.
Maybritt Krewald MK organic pure aronia A (aroniajuice): Juice with high ORAC level to protect skin.
Maybritt Krewald MK organic pure oil W (foodstuff oilblend): “Beauty begins inside” is Maybritt’s slogan, that means that you treat your skin with good oils from the inside. I take oil and juice stirred together as a shot every morning.


What did you get new in September?

End of summer

The last days have been warm, but it can’t be denied any longer: finally, summer is gone. The weather has been a little bit stormy and rainy here. When you go for a walk, leave your umbrella at home – it would most certainly fly away as soon as the first drops begin to fall. Instead, wear a waterproof hooded jacket.

Some two or three days ago we went out for a walk and found ourselves chased after by a cloudburst. The sky was grey and became darker every second, we had to hurry to our car. We didn’t make it and our shoes were soaking wet.


The day after, same change in the weather while standing at a window: it took only two minutes from grey sky to thunder shower with hail!


When autumn begins, the colours change. I do not like the uncertain weather, but I like how the trees and bushes slowly turn from green to red to golden yellow. It makes me think about change, outer and inner change. I will not wear the same make-up when the light is that different from summer, and sure my clothing is warmer now. God bye, spaghetti strap top, hello jumper!

But just as much I think about myself: what did change in the past, did I like that or not and if not, is there some possibility to make it a change for the better? At this point of the year it is time for a resumé. Only when you know where you come from and where you want to head to, you can make a course correction.

So take your time, think about your life. Do you live your life or do you actually feel as if someone made all decisions for you, so there are no choices left? Break the vicious circle! Of course you have to do all the urgent things on your to do list, but pick something important that you want to achieve in the medium term. Go for it!


What do you like more: hot summer or soft, colour changing autumn?

Santaverde Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk [Review]

I have used up my Santaverde aloe vera cleansing milk and want to give you a full review of this cleanser. I liked to use it and am sad that I have finished it. First I will give you some facts, then I talk about my personal experience.

The small numbers ((x/y) requirements met) you can see after the paragraphs tell you how the product fits into my top-of-the-tops requirements for really good products.


INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Pyrus Malus Fruit Juice*, Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Myristyl Alcohol, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Alcohol*, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Lactate, Xanthan Gum, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydoxystearate, Levulinic Acid, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Phytate, Lactic Acid, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Glycerin, P-Anisic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Hydroxide, Silver Sulfate, Aroma**, Linalool.
*Certified organic, **Natural apricot scent

The aloe vera cleansing milk is vegan, cruelty free, certified by Natrue as organic (my package, however, is certified by BDIH), does not contain colourings and preservatives and the promoted ingredients are in the first spaces of the ingredients list.
(8/10) requirements met



The cleanser comes in a plastic cosmetics tube with hinged lid in a cardboard box with ingredients and other information listed on it. You get what you see and read, there are no empty promises and no misleading labels. The cardboard box provides additional information, the plastic tube is user friendly. Sadly you cannot choose between several sizes, no trials or travel sizes are available.
(8/10) requirements met


Marketing and Price

Filling quantity: 100 ml (base price per 100 ml = 18,90 €)
Actually, the marketing phrases for use are correct for most people, I think. However, my skin is not average and has a need for more oil residue after washing my face. It feels dry and tight after the use of most skin cleanse products. The product is not cheap, it will cost you about 14€ for three months of usage (I calculated that on my own consumption, used twice a day) and you have to pay about 19€ even to get the cleanser.
(5/10) requirements met

Personal experience

I really like the product: the application feels good, the product does not sink in the skin too much so you can use less product, and it spreads very well on the skin. It does not sting and emulsifies grease and particles from air pollution and minor make-up well. (It is not made to get rid of a major full face make-up, so use a make-up remover before this cleanser if you like coats and coats of mascara, lots of eye liner and high coverage make-up.) You can easily wash the cleansing milk off, or you can use a cotton tissue to do that, both is okay. After I washed off the cleanser, my skin feels a little dry and tight, so I cannot do oil free night skin care after this – but very likely you could use it if you don’t have oily-dry skin like I do. But I feel very clean and do moisturise my skin afterwards, so no offence taken. The smell is very subtle and a little bit sour, like green apples and some flowers. About the ingredients I am a bit ambivalent: aloe vera and apple juice as main ingredients are great, but the INCI list is soo long, that I do not like very much. Less ingredients would fit my expectations better. Also the price is not even near low budget for a product that you use twice a day. If the ingredients list was a little shorter and there would not be aroma in the product, I think I would happily re-buy the aloe vera cleansing milk. I am simply not sure if I want another tube or if I want to look out for a better cleanser. You know, better ingredients might read good, but if the effect for my skin would be better is doubtful. So stick with it?
(9/10) requirements met

All in all

Ingredients and packaging are okay, marketing and price could be better, nevertheless I liked to use the product very much. If you are looking for a vegan, cruelty free cleanser that is easy to use and do not wear (much) make-up, this cleanser is for you.
(30/40) requirements met

Private Purchase

What are your favourite cleansing milks and how do you like to use them, with cotton cloths, hot cloth method or just plain water?

Schmidt’s Deodorant | Unboxing Ecco Verde

Usually I make my deodorant myself. That is easy, you basically mix bakingsoda with shea butter and add some drops essential oil. But sometimes I don’t want to use my DIY stuff – this is when I begin to surf blogs and onlineshops after THE ONE product I want to try instead. In the past few weeks this has been deodorant, as I used my DIY version almost a year now. The result is an order I placed at Ecco Verde. I am always curious to see how online shops pack their things, therefore I will show you some unboxing pictures.

My order came in a cardbox with biodegradable packing material (the stuff that glues together when moist), everything was in fine order.

Ecco Verde order september 2014 | package
Ecco Verde order september 2014 | package

I ordered some mineral makeup samples, they were placed in a small plastic bag to avoid spilling and falling around in the box.

Ecco Verde order september 2014 | products inside the package
Ecco Verde order september 2014 | products inside the package

The deodorant itself was rolled up in bubble wrap and the eyelash curler in a separate plastic bag.

Ecco Verde order september 2014 | products inside the package
Ecco Verde order september 2014 | products inside the package

The Avril Eyelash Curler (£1.19 | €1,49 | $2) seems quite good for the price. The silikon pad is rounded and super soft, and there is a spring that helps getting a better feeling for the pressure. An extra silikon pad is delivered with the curler, it is placed at one of the handles.

Ecco Verde order september 2014 | Avril Eyelash Curler
Ecco Verde order september 2014 | Avril Eyelash Curler

I ordered sample sizes of some mineral makeup. Inika offers a vegan, cruelty free foundation based on aloe vera juice and organic oils, I tried shade honey (Inika Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation Mini Size, Honey, 6ml: £2.49 | €2,99 | $4). Lily Lolo sells powdered Mineral Foundation (LSF 15 Mini-Size, 0,75g: £3.29 | € 3,99 | $5,50) in cute little srew-top jars, I ordered Butterscotch and Saffron. They are also vegan, cruelty free and without nasty ingredients. Also I decided to get samples of Everyday Minerals which I have never used before, just like the Lily Lolo and Inika mineral makeup: Everyday Minerals Cheeks Blush Sample Peony Petal (0,14g: £1.10 | €1,49 | $1,80) and Everyday Minerals Foundation Matte Base Sample Size 5W Golden Tan (0,14g: £1.10 | €1,49 | $1,80).

Ecco Verde order september 2014 | mineral makeup trial sizes
Ecco Verde order september 2014 | mineral makeup trial sizes

The best part is the Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Deodorant (56,7g: £8.99 | €10,99 | $14,70) which I am soo curious to try! The ingredients read fantastic simple: shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter, bergamot essential oil, lime essential oil, vitamin E, hop extract. It is certified vegan & cruelty-free.

Ecco Verde order september 2014 | Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Deodorant
Ecco Verde order september 2014 | Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Deodorant

Ecco Verde offers free delivery to the United Kingdom from £39.95, to Germany from €25, and ships throughout Europe.

Private Purchase

Which is your favourite deodorant?

New Beauty July & August 2014

In July and August I bought new products which I haven’t used before. Most things are from online shops as the brands are not available locally.

New Beauty July & August 2014
New Beauty July & August 2014

Make-up Products:

Alba Botanica: Mineral Terra Tints SPF 15, Blaze
I like having a tinted lipbalm in my handbag. The colour is a brownish rose tone and suits my lips.

Alima Pure: Satin Matte Blush, Honey Rose
This blush fits the colour of my natural blushing but adds some freshness. Powder blush for every day use.

Dizao Organics: Protective Lip Color Balm 207 Oleander
The ingredients of Dizao’s products are really good and I wanted to try another colour. This is, as the Alba Botanica one, a tinted lipbalm. This one is more pigmented, has some shimmer and comes in a natural fresh pink.

Zuii: Mermaid eyeshadow
This duochrome eyeshadow is likely to become one of my favourites. The main colour is a blueish green, the shimmer is a yellowish green. Zuii uses petal powders as base for the powdery products as eye shadows, powder foundations and blushes.

New Beauty July & August 2014 | make-up
New Beauty July & August 2014 | make-up

Skincare and Fragrance:

Farfalla: Nuvola
After using up some trial sizes I purchased the full size of this powdery fragrance. Absolutely love it!

Joik: Alcohol Free Facial Toner with Sea Buckthorn Oil and Aloe
Funny two-phase-product which you have to shake before use. The sea buckthorn oil will disperse in the transparent fluid and then float up again. I own so many serious products that, from time to time, I have to get some not-so-serious stuff. The ingredients are not so bad, though.

Urtekram: Nordic Birch Hand Soap
Usually I use solid soap bars. When I got this in my Blogger BIOty Box I was happy to try something totally new.

New Beauty July & August 2014 | skincare and body products
New Beauty July & August 2014 | skincare and body products

Dr. Bronner’s: Peppermint Soap
Travel size of the liquid soap. Didn’t have any Dr. Bronner soaps by now and wanted to try something.

Go & Home: Conditioner
New brand from Austria. They invented products with double function, this conditioner is also a shaving cream. Sounded interesting and I needed a conditioner for the weekend out so I bought this travel size.

Kivvi: Bergamotte & Litsea Body Marmalade
Travel size body butter that smells like summer. Great ingredients, love the design.

Less is more: Tangerine Curl Balm
I wanted to try some of the less is more haircare products and started with the curl balm. Smells nice, feels good.

Living Nature: Deep Cleansing Mask
This single unit trial size cost me 4€ so it’d better be good.

Pai: single use samples of Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin, Echium & Macadamia Replenishing Day Cream for Age-Prone Sensitive Skin, Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for all Skin Types, Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator
I hope I like them!

Marie W.: Powder Bowl
Tiny powder bowl for mineral makeup. The size is small but fitted for kabuki brushes.

New Beauty July & August 2014 | skincare travel sizes
New Beauty July & August 2014 | skincare travel sizes

Private Purchase

Which things do you like to try in September?

Empties July & August 2014

August is over and so seems the summer. In the last two months I have used up some products, and today I will show you some of them.

Empties July & August 2014

Farfalla: Aloe Vera Gel Classic
One of my favourite summer products for beach days is now empty. I loved to use it on my face, arms and shoulders for some extra moisture. Swimming in the sea and numerous showers dry the skin, the gel helped to minimize that effect. In the evenings I spread some aloe gel over my back and sprayed hydrolate over it. That cooled my body somewhat and made it easier falling asleep in the hot climate.
Repurchase? Yes, next year right before summer.
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RMS swatches: buriti bronzer, living luminizer, lip2cheek modest

Everyone seems to love the make-up products from RMS Beauty. Most bloggers own at least a concealer, blush, highlighter or bronzer – or would like to. The big hype surrounding those products didn’t leave me unaffected so I began to browse the net. Personally, I like to use mineral make-up. But the easy application of those products made me curious, so finally I changed my mind and placed a sample order.RMS and Living Nature

Amazingy offers the great option to order a sample pack. Samples are available from almost all of their products. One can choose 5 products and will get product swatches for around 8 €uro, shipping included. I choose some SPF cream from Kimberly sayer and some products from Hiro and RMS. Amazingy generously delivered 7 samples instead of 5.

The products I purchased were

  • RMS Living Luminizer
  • RMS Buriti Bronzer
  • RMS lip2cheek modest

To compare the Luminizer I choose a shimmer foundation which I bought earlier this summer, the Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Tint Dawn Glow.

RMS samples in daylight RMS samples in sunlightThe pictures of the swatches I made have been taken in indirect daylight and direct sunlight. Clockwise, you see lip2cheek in colour modest, Buriti Bronzer, Living Luminizer and Living Nature Dawn Glow.

The lip and cheek product comes in a nice coral red colour. The texture feels – in my opinion – a little bit greasy and has a powdery yet creamy finish. Applied to my cheeks the colour appears fine, but it doesn’t work that well with the rest of my mineral make-up. I think I can work on that as I am not used to cream blush textures. On my lips, though, the lip2cheek clings to dry patches and settles in all fine lines.

The second product I tried is the Buriti Bronzer. I could apply the bronzer easily on my face, but I did not like the shimmer it provided. My skin gets oily very fast, in combination with that fact the bronzer would not work well for me.

My personal highlight of the RMS trio is the Living Luminizer. The consistency and shimmer of the luminizer corresponds to the bronzer. However, the shimmer here seems more subtle. Or I had to use less product to get the right amount of highlighting. The pearl white colour looks really nice on the top of my cheekbones, the inside corner of my eyes and the cupids bow.

I nearly was going to purchase the Living Luminizer as I liked the easy application and the subtle glow it gave to my face. But as I already own the Illuminating Tint I did a quick comparison between them. You can see the results on the pictures above. The shimmer foundation comes in a slightly warmer tone than the luminizer and can easily be applied as a highlighter. The texture is less oily and dries to a state where I can set all my make-up with a powder without loosing the highlighting effect.

Mixed with body lotion, the foundation can be used as a slightly shimmery summer-lotion on legs and chest. Blended with moisturiser it provides a slight glow on the face. Although I do not use the Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Tint as foundation (which it is made for to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines), the effect when used as a highlighter looks comparable to the Living Luminizer’s.

The highlighting is quite enough for me, so in nearer future I will not buy the RMS Living Luminizer. Next summer, when the shelf life of the shimmer foundation is exceeded, I might order another sample and give it a second try.

Private Purchase