Eye of the Day: Copper

Easy eye make-up with Hiro rock chique & go vertigo!


I mixed both colours together, than applied them with a wet brush. White eyeliner on the lower lash line and black eyeliner on the upper lash line give some more expression to the eyes, and black mascara is a must for this look. Instead of drawing a hard black line at the outer corner of the eye I softened out the eye make-up with the grey shadow.


I am tanned a little now, and the copper & brown colour matches beautifully with my brown eyes and the sun kissed skin. Applying mineral powder eye shadows with a wet brush is as easy as painting with watercolours, if you haven’t yet, you should give it a try!


Which is your favourite mineral cosmetics brand?

NZ #3: Mt. Somers and Sharplin Falls [Jan 3rd]

On my way from Christchurch to Geraldine I gazed at the mountain view at the horizon. The snowcapped mountains seemed so near, and yet it was hot summer. Hot south summer, as at home there was heavy snowfall. I was completely deranged yet enjoying the weather.

Simultaneously to the jetlag I got a really bad cold. The air conditioning in the airplanes and airports in combination with a coughing husband was not good for me, so I was physically at the end, completely exhausted. Therefore I only did a short mountain walk at Mt. Somers. Everywhere in NZ there are creeks, I haven’t seen so many creeks in my whole life!

Creek at Mount Somers
Creek at Mount Somers

The walking track followed the creek to a double waterfall:

Sharplin Falls at Mount Somers: Part one
Sharplin Falls at Mount Somers: Part one
Sharplin Falls at Mount Somers: Part two
Sharplin Falls at Mount Somers: Part two

The water in NZ is very clear, one can swim nearly everywhere – if you don’t mind the temperature. So take your swimsuit with you in your daypack. And don’t forget the sunscreen, the UV level is extreme in NZ. I put on SPF 30 every single day.

NZ #2: Christchurch [Jan 2nd]

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island on New Zealand. I did not go to the city centre, instead I wandered around in my accommodation’s neighbourhood. There is a lot of graffiti and street art, several houses are painted with 3-D-pictures.

Christchurch Street-Art
Christchurch Street-Art

After several earthquakes lots of Christchurch’s buildings collapsed. So between newbuilt buildings, old houses and street art locations there are collapsed buildings and demolished sites. Everywhere are containers, they preserve walls from collapsing onto pedestrians.

Christchurch: Cinema after Earthquake
Christchurch: Cinema after Earthquake

Now, home again, I am sorry that I did not have more time to spend in Christchurch. With the delayed arrival and the jetlag I was merely getting a thought of this town. If I ever come back to NZ, I will stay longer in Christchurch and its surrounding area.

NZ #1: Banks Peninsula, Christchurch [Jan 1st]

On my first day I was lazy. After fetching the rental car I went to the Banks Peninsula southeast of Christchurch.

Banks Peninsula
Banks Peninsula

I had a very bad jetlag for the first three to four days, so keep in mind not to put too heavy sightseeing into the first few days abroad. Sitting on a hilltop was just fine, the view was lovely!

Banks Peninsula
Banks Peninsula

In New Zealand there are no native mammals (apart from two sorts of bats), but it is populated by various birds. In millennia they had no natural enemies, so lots of the NZ birds don’t fly but leap around.

Banks Peninsula
Banks Peninsula

I’ve been to NZ with my husband, nevertheless I will write I and not we as it is my blog and my memories and my photos.

New Zealand #0 – The Adventure Begins [29.12. – 31.12.]

Today I start with a new blogpost series about traveling. In January I have been to New Zealand and in about 40 days I have visited both the south and the north island. It’s been a lot of fun, and I will share with you some of my photos, thoughts and travel tips.

When I started my journey in Germany, it was heavily snowing and the plane left Frankfurt Airport with delay after being de-iced. Unexpectedly I got an upgrade to business class:

On my flight from Frankfurt to Dubai I got an upgrade to business class.
On my flight from Frankfurt to Dubai I got an upgrade to business class.

It was nice being served champagne and cocktails and having so much space to lounge around, but I don’t think I would ever pay for first class. It is way too expensive for me!

The delay from Frankfurt messed up the complete schedule as we arrived in Dubai after our plane went off to Australia. Hence I had hours to spend at Dubai Airport in the middle of the night before flying to Bangkok.

Dubai Airport in the middle of the night.
Dubai Airport in the middle of the night.

From Bangkok, next stopover was Sydney, Australia. It was New Year’s Eve and I still wasn’t on a plane to Christchurch, New Zealand. In Sydney, our gate was occupied by staff and passengers for a flight to Birmingham which delayed our timetable even more. Half in delirium and after more than 40 hours of journey we got shuttled to a plane – originally I should have been in Christchurch after 36 hours.

This is Sydney, seen through the windows of the airport shuttle bus.
This is Sydney, seen through the windows of the airport shuttle bus.

I arrived in New Zealand after … I really don’t know after how many hours. My departure was on Monday 29th at three in the afternoon and I arrived on Wednesday 31st at six in the evening and had yet to go to the accommodation. The rental car was no longer available because of the public holiday, and my room reservation had been switched to another accommodation. Like a zombie I took a taxi to town. The very friendly taxi driver saved me from starving – you must not take any food with you when going to New Zealand – and gave me some bananas.

Twelve hours ahead of CET I did not stay awake for New Year’s Day. I collapsed exhausted into my bed and waited for the jetlag.

Black & White super simple eye make-up

In my Vivaness posting I promised to show you a really simple eye make-up. To give you an impression of versatility and manageability of the Zuii colours I choose the Zuii certified organic flora eye shadows in purple ice and black diamond. Purple ice is a white colour with purple and blue halo effect, black diamond comes in a very pigmented true black with subtle reflections. As the eye shadows can be used wet and dry, I doubled the colour as eye liner. You can see where I put the wet brush onto the surface.
Apart from those two shadows you only need two blending brushes, a liner brush and a black mascara.

I applied the white colour in the crease and up to the brow bone. On the movable part of my eyelid I applied black. As you can see, the part between the black line and the black dotted line (which is how much skin disappears in my crease) is coloured with the white shadow.
With a blending brush I blended the black colour into the crease to get a grey tone. After that, with a fresh brush, I blended the grey with the white to soften the colour between crease and highlight under the brow. Then, with a wet liner brush, I painted a fine black line directly into the lash basis. With the residue on the brushes I added a little colour to the lower lash line as well. Finally I applied two coats of black mascara.

This is how incredibly well the colours blend! From highlighter below the brow bone, white eye shadow smudged to grey with the black one that is deepest as liner at the basis of the lashes:


If you are not into black and white, I would recommend the classic duo palette with bronze (dark brown) and mustard (natural beige). And if you are more into colour, try one of the eye quads. They come in several combinations of blue, green or rose to more classic ones like brown or grey.

Transparency: ♦ is a gifted sample


What are your favourite eye shadow colours?

Spring Skincare Routine

Today I am going to show you my spring skincare routine. Most people have a two part beauty regimen (morning and evening), mine consists of three parts.


My morning routine begins with a cleanse. I tend to use non foaming cleansing agents as cleansing milks, at the moment it is the renew gentle cleansing milk. After that I like to apply a serum to my skin. My skin is very dry and does not tolerate glycerin and alcohol in larger amounts, so I chose a serum without both of them (bioearth bioprotettiva siero viso with hyaluronic acid). Third step is to apply a toner, and I prefer pure hydrosols. This one is from dabba ♦ and I have nearly finished it up, but I have some others from dabba, maienfelser and biopark as backup. I cannot be without hydrosols as they are my way to lock in moisture under my day cream. My moisturiser is the martina gebhardt summer time cream ♦ which I can highly recommend! It is a cold cream that sinks into my skin in no time. For those who do not like heavy creams, there is a summer time face and body lotion as well. The ingredients are to support the skin before and after sun exposure. Last step in the morning is to apply my mysalifree eye balm ♦: the lightweight lotion pampers my eye area with extra moisture without stinging in the eyes, after that I am well prepared for my mineral make up concealer.


In the evening I do double-cleanse my skin. First I remove my make-up, the best product I have used so far is the cattier micellar water. I soak a cotton round in the cleanser and gently press that onto my eyes, that removes mascara without rubbing. It’s just a little dabbing 🙂 . With the backside of the cotton round I take away foundation and lipstick. Second cleanse is a cleansing milk or a slightly foaming cleansing lotion, at the moment I prefer gentle products like the heliotrop cleansing milk ♦. They remove the rest of make-up and leave my skin hydrated and prepared for the next step. Which is – who could guess? – a hydrosol. After a bad cold episode in march my skin is still pretty unbalanced and I have a lot of brakeouts beneath the jar line. To manage that I use a toner that does contain alcohol as it disinfects the skin. Currently it is the farfalla immortelle (everlasting) hydrosol ♦. Onto the moist, prepared skin I apply a moisturiser, at the moment I am very pleased with the antipodes avocado pear nourishing night cream. I bought a travel size of this cream, and despite I’m not nearly half through the tube, I think about ordering a full size. If I like to, I also apply a tiny amount of the eye lotion in the evening.

I wrote about three steps in my routine, so here it is, the mysterious part that helps me getting my skin hydrated and soft

Immediately after waking up …

… I massage a nourishing oil into my skin. That is basically the first thing I do in the morning! It’s like a wake-up-call for my skin, it activates the cell functions and helps to loosen impurities and breakdown products. In the picture you can see the antipodes joyous protein-rich night replenish serum. This oil based serum was too much for my skin at night, but it performs well in the early morning as it does not sink into the skin and allows me the massage without dragging my skin. I love the scent! Nevertheless I am going to pass on this serum to a fellow blogger. Theresa is a fan of antipodes and I know she is going to love the serum more than I do now. Don’t worry, I have stocked up with several facial oils that I am curious to try!
After the massage I apply an eye gel (logona rose & aloe eye gel) to cool my eye area. As the gel dries, puffiness is reduced and I feel refreshed. Now I am ready for breakfast and the day can begin! Usually I tend to use cheaper products for this step as they will be washed off about half an hour later.
Do you have a routine and which products do you use?
♦ = product sample

Vivaness Highlights

I went to the natural and organic beauty trade fair Vivaness in February, and finally I can share some of my personal highlights.

Aromata Mirabilia – Lithuania

Aromata Mirabilia was one of my favourites! They have aromatherapy balms and candles, oils and oilblends, hydrosols, mazerates, soaps and so much more to discover. The prices are pretty low in comparison to other known brands. I like the simple style and layout of the containers and am in love with their strawberry lip scrub.

Florascent – Germany

Florascent provide a very wide range of all kind of perfume and aromatherapy sprays. I was overwhelmed with the variety of the products and have by now bought two aromatherapy sprays. You can spray them on your hands and inhale the scent – perfect for headache moments at work!

Martina Gebhardt – Germany

Martina Gebhardt‘s new Summer Time Line is made especially to provide moisture to the skin, to prevent and help heal sun damages. The cream is my absolute go-to-product, and despite it is a very heavy cream, it sinks into my skin and makes it as hydrated as possible. For me and my oily-dry-skin the best cream ever.

Mysalifree – Austria

Mysalifree addresses to people that are allergic against salicylic acid and have irritated skin. The products are composed to calm the skin and do not contain gluten, essential oils or perfume, dyes and other nasties. The eye balm is a gel-like lotion and sinks in pretty quickly:

Unique – Denmark

Unique work with organic whey which is a waste product in dairy production. The smell of the products is divine, and in future they will lance a new hair oil that is incredibly lightweight for an oil blend. I put about 5 drops of oil in the lengths of my hair and it was all soaked up and left my hair shiny and my natural waves a little defined but not greasy at all. Hopefully it will be in the shops this summer!

Zuii Organic – Australia

Zuii is my absolutely most-loved make-up brand. Instead of talc they use milled flowers as base of their powder products, and the organic amount in their formulations is pretty high! I am soon going to show a super easy eye make-up with only black and white eye shadow!

The packaging is sophisticated black, also the containers themselves, and you can see one of the eye shadows in my blog header 🙂 .


What would life be without the best co-bloggers? I got some really nice and special green beauty products:

  • Frau Wuselig gave me a Living Nature foundation that I use at least two times a week.
  • Nixenhaar had the darkest shade of Hauschka’s new foundation left over and it was way too dark for her – good for me, as the shade is nearly exactly my summer complexion.
  • Anita gave me a Ponyhütchen deodorant cream as present which I am curios to try.
  • Ahnungslose Wissende brought a Kivvi Body Marmalade with her to thank me for fetching her from the station the day she went to the fair.

I can recommend all four brands for further exploration!


What are your recent beauty highlights?

Mineral Eye Shadow: Eye of the Day

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright coloured mineral eye shadow! Sunnivah, one of my favourite beauty bloggers, did a tutorial about eye make-up with four colours for total beginners, and I instantly wanted to create an eye make-up for me.

Given fact: my eyelids are no longer tight and firm, the skin is dropping and hides the lid. Therefore I had to adapt the tutorial for my hooded eye. Also I do have a lot of very bright and colourful mineral eye shadows in my stash that I don’t use very often. But when blended, the colours get very, very soft! So here it is, my four-coloured eye of the day:

As a quick overview I took three flash photos for you, the first one shows the applied colours, the second one the blended colours with eye liner, and the third one the finished eye make-up with winged liner and mascara.




This is what I was going to do:

  • I applied lilac shimmer eye shadow on the lower lid with a wet brush.
  • With the same lilac colour I highlighted below the brow.
  • With a rose-and-golden shimmer eye shadow on a wet brush I covered the upper lid right up to the crease and slightly above. You can see two lines at the top of my eye: the upper line indicates how far up I have to apply eye shadow so it can be seen when I open my eyes. The dotted line just below the upper line indicates how much of the colour will be seen when I open my eyes. So quite a lot of the rose-and-golden eye shadow is nowhere to be seen because of my hooded eye.
  • I applied a burgundy-brown blue-shimmer eye shadow with a wet brush at the outer triangle of the lower eye lid.
  • I blended all colours to a smooth and soft eye make-up.
  • I applied dark grey eye liner.
  • I applied two coats of black mascara.


These are the colours when applied wet. They are very bright and can be placed really precisely.

My eye is only half open to give you an imagination of how much of the colour will be lost even though I applied a generous amount.

When blended, a lot of coverage is broken down to shimmery dust that blends with the other colours. What is left is a hint of lilac, a hint of rose, and a hint of burgundy. The rest stays in the blending brush. So don’t blend to much so all of the colour is lost!

Here you see the grey eye liner …

… I added a wing …

… and applied two coats of mascara.


How do you like the schematic draft of my eye make-up?

Green Laundry

When I was in New Zealand earlier this year I was away from home for almost six weeks. My wardrobe was cleverly planned, so I did not have to take too many clothes with me. But with less clothes you have to do a lot of washing. That is where my imaginary trip about green laundry started. At home I thought that I would just buy washing powder on the way and wash my clothes where a washing machine was available. New Zealanders do laundry as well, so no problem. More than 36thousand kilometres in a plane and 6thousand in a car later I have a different personal view than when I left home.

Usually I buy green products, I have laundry detergent for normal washing, wool & silk, sportswear, plus a stain remover and some fabric perfume (like fabric softener without the softening effect and mostly nice smell).

washing detergent favourites

In NZ the washing machines are top loader machines *click for wikipedia picture* that do laundry in a totally different way than the casual German front loaders. Therefore the laundry powder is different to the ones I was used to. Given that in hostels mostly cold water washing and shortened washing cycles are provided, my laundry did not get clean more than one time.

Why do they use machines with less efficient mechanical washing power? Why do they shorten the programs to 30 minutes for a full washing cycle, spinning included? Why don’t they allow you to use temperatures above utterly cold? Yes, I know, the answer is absolutely simple: the hostels want to save money, and as you are on a road trip you are not likely to come back either way. Back home I was really happy to use my convenient green products in my own front loader again!

Here are some thoughts about washing green and environmentally friendly that I want to share with you.
Usually you can adjust six parameters:

  • load
  • mechanical power / program
  • temperature
  • time
  • detergent
  • preparation

In New Zealand, the load was not a problem, as there were often large machines with lots of space for the clothes to loosely fit into. The programs were gentle, the temperature low, the time short, the detergent not very suitable for low temperature and short washing cycles. The only thing that was left for me to do was preparation! I did a lot of pre-wash by hand during those six weeks.

The fuller you load the washing machine, the less clean the clothes will come out. In a washing cycle, the wet clothes will soak in water with washing detergent and will move around in the machine. Each time something falls onto another, they clean each other as the weight of the clothes presses the liquid through the fabric. If the machine is too full, the clothes cannot move separately in the machine, instead they will mostly stay in the same position to the other clothes and the cleaning drum.

Every program has its own procedure of washing movements and spinning. A wool program is much more gentle than the program for delicate laundry, and even that is way more gentle than the program for coloured washes. The gentler the program, the more the fabric is treated with care. But also are spots, they can remain if the program is too gentle.

Higher temperature can solve fat and dirt better than lower temperature. Delicate laundry is not suited for higher temperatures, just as little as silk or wool.

The longer a washing cycle takes, the longer have mechanical power and detergent time to clean the clothes.

If you use too much detergent, it cannot dissolve in the water correctly. It may stay in the fabric and be noticable as white streakes or as a musty smell. If you use too little detergent, the washing power is too small to remove dirt and grease. Also, if you don’t adapt to the hardness of water and if needed use a water softener, the washing power again is too small and you can get problems with smell and residue.

The easiest way to get clean clothes is to avoid spills, remove spots before washing and to prepare stains with a pre-wash.


How can this information help you to get clean, good smelling clothes while protecting the environment? You have to know the respective limitations to maximize the washing effect through the other parameters. The most effective thing you can do is a good preparation: remove spots when they occur, and prepare stains before you put something in the washing machine!

Example wool:
Limitations are load, program, temperature and detergent – you only want to put one or two woolen things in the washing machine, have one wool program available, chose low temperature and a wool detergent. So the only parameters you can take into consideration to get your (really dirty) woolen clothes clean are preparation and time. As I said before, remove any visible dirt and prepare stains with a suitable pre-wash. If possible, program a pre-wash to your wool program and/or choose the full length of the wool program (do not shorten the washing time).

Example sports clothes:
Limitations are temperature and detergent. Do not overload the machine and chose the program with the highest mechanical power that is suitable for your clothes (maybe delicate laundry or even coloured wash). Use a pre-wash as this will help to remove sweat (and smell) from the fabric.

Example: light coloured cotton clothes as t-shirts and sweaters:
Fill the machine but do not overload it. You can chose either a gentle but long program or a short colour wash. As the colours are not bright, you could add a detergency enhancer or chose a warmer temperature (40°C instead of 30°C) and instead reduce the washing time or consider a gentler program.

So choose wisely:

  • How much can you put into your washing machine without overloading it?
  • Which program is the gentlest suitable according to the fabric?
  • Is hot temperature needed or would a lower temperature be okay?
  • Can you shorten the standard program and skip some rinsing or spinning?
  • Is your detergent effective enough to remove dirt, but gentle enough for fabric and skin?
  • Can you prepare your laundry and remove spots or soak stains?

What is your tip regarding green laundry?