About me

Hi, I’m Karin.me

I love to blog about green beauty products, a healthy lifestyle, sustainable fashion and other current topics that affect me. I’m a trained book seller, studied book science and Scandinavian language and literature and now work in I.T. I was quite busy in some internet forums regarding beauty and making soap, then I decided to give my texts a more long-term base. My mother language is German, so I started with Kosmetik natürlich (which means: cosmetics naturally).

Now I became convinced that only using certified or all-natural beauty products is not the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more we can pay attention to: are the products vegan, the plant-based ingredients organically grown and the perfume from essential oils? Is scent even needed in beauty products? Does a product contain less (or more) active ingredients than fillers?

The products I currently use and love are good products regarding that there are lots of better products out there. I want to find them, use them, talk about them! In this blog, green conscience, I want to share my experience with you. I want to broaden the field of my search for even-better-products, which implies getting products manufactured from all over the world as well as find single ingredient products that are locally available wherever you come from.

All articles are written on my own and represent my personal opinion (and not help companies to spread their predefined promotional statements). This opinion can not be bought! I also write about products that have been sent to me, but I always mark those and tell about my personal experience.

Co-operations: If you want to send me products for review, you are welcome to contact me. However, I will review without given guidelines or specifications and I will not post paid content. Critical notes are possible and even likely, please consider this before sending me something.

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Hits per week: ~5000

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