Terra Naturi Eyeshadow Palette in Magic Burgundy + Sante Rosy Shades

In Germany we have many options to buy natural cosmetics in the drugstore. The big drugstores have their own natural cosmetics brands, that is Rossmann with Alterra, DM with Alverde and Müller with Terra Naturi. A few weeks ago there was a big uproar in German green beauty blogger circles as Terra Naturi came out with a vegan eyeshadow palette in BURGUNDY tones: 01 Magic Burgundy. (Their second palette with brown / green shades contains carmine, though *facepalm*.)

So today I want to show you this beautiful palette and swatch the colours!

From left to right, brown to burgundy, and in different lighting:
The brown tone is a medium shimmery brown with some minor glitter particles.

The second colour is a warm orange-copper tone with shimmer in it.

Next comes a bright silvery white with lots of shimmer and a bit glitter. To be true, all the colours are shimmery and contain a very small amount of tiny glitter particles 🙂 .

The rose is a light nude rosewood colour, almost skin toned, and shimmery.

Then comes the vibrant pink, it’s almost a silvery cranberry hue.

The last one, finally, is the burgundy colour. It’s a dark aubergine colour that comes out a bit more on the brown side if you do not use a base. Have a look at my instagram post, swipe to the last tile as there you can see the palette and its swatches in a video (right hand side / down):

I have two eyeshadow palettes with rose to aubergine shades in it and I wanted to briefly compare them to you. On the left is the Terra Naturi "01 Magic Burgundy". It is vegan and you can buy it for 5€ at Müller Drugstore as I did. All shades are shimmery, and they are more on the cool toned side, but one is like a coppar-orange-bronze tone. On the right you see the @sante_naturkosmetik "Rosy Shades", it costs 10€, and I got mine as a PR-Sample. There are 3 matte + 3 shimmery shades, all on the cool toned side. This palette is not vegan as it contains carmine. I think, the Sante palette is the more versatile, cool toned one for everytime of the year, but it's not vegan. On the other hand, the Terra Naturi one is more on the autumn side of the colour palette and should fit to cool, neutral and warm toned skin types, but all colours are shimmery. Switch for more pictures and a swatch video! . . . . . •*°*•~•*°*•~•*°*• [#prsample #produktmuster This instagram post contains a product that has been sent to me for reviewing. I have not been paid to do so and this post reflects my own opinion (which, by the way, cannot be bought. So: No, this is NOT an advertisement, it's my opinion.] #eyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #santenaturkosmetik #terranaturi #veganeyeshadowpalette #naturkosmetikblogger #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautycommunity #greenbbloggers #greenbeautybloggers #greenbloggers #bioblogger #naturkosmetik #biocosmetics #biokosmetika #greencosmetics #naturalcosmetics #nontoxiccosmetics #biomakeup #ekologiskmakeup #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #nodirtybeauty #ecoluxebeauty #instabeauty

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I have one more eyeshadow palette with brown and burgundy colours, it’s the rosy shades from Sante Naturkosmetik (PR-Sample). The swatches in the above video show both palettes in comparison, on my left hand side I applied the Sante eyeshadows, on the right hand side you can see the Terra Naturi ones.

Here are the colours in close-up …

… and in a different light situation.

These swatches are made with brushes and those sponge applicators, and you can see the colour pay-off is not that good. If you look closely you can see an ivory hued line in the middle of my hand between the swatches, that is an eyeshadow base. The colours look more beautiful with the base …

… but nothing to compare when applied with a wet brush! On the top are the Terra Naturi colours, on the bottom are wet swatches of the Sante palette.

Sante combined matte and shimmery colours. The matte colours are a bit chalky, but if you prefer a more nude everyday look, this palette would be fine for you. You can actually use the darker colours as eyeliner if you apply them with a wet brush, so thumbs up for versatility. The Sante palette is not vegan, it contains carmine.


Which eyeshadows do you use? Do you like palettes or prefer single eyeshadows?

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