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I just want to give you a quick update to the Earthwise Beauty products that I’m currently using as part of my face care routine. Cistus and Moonlight was a gifted PR-sample, the other products have been in my June Boxwalla Beauty Box that I bought with my own money.

This is the Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist. I use it after I applied loads of hydrosol, and I let the hydrosol almost completely sink in. When I just spray the mist onto my face I think too much vapourizes and gets blown away, so instead I pump two spritzes into my palms and gently press them onto my face. The aloe vera helps to keep the moisture in my skin, but the texture doesn’t feel sticky as other aloe based products tend to.

Nap in the Meadow face serum’s main ingredient is aloe vera, too, and it sinks in pretty quickly without leaving a sticky residue. It is very potent, and although my skin could let sink in two to three pumps, I have to do with just one. Otherwise my skin feels irritated.

The Ruby oil serum is very lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly, too. The scent is fruity and a bit fresh, hard to describe for me. This is EWBs ‘summer serum’ and not hydrating and emollient enough for me at the moment (in late fall, almost winter), so I ordered some samples of the other oils and balms. This serum is very potent, too, and I don’t like to mix the scents of Nap in the Meadow with Ruby. So I added another serum and oil/balm to my routine, both are pretty simple in ingredients. I use Ruby in the day and Nap in the evenings.

Farizad’s Veil is a zinc oxide SPF powder, you can mix it into your oil, serum or cream. I mix a tiny bit of this powder in my oil + serum, and it spreads easily onto my face. It leaves a white cast, so I have to apply some make-up afterwards or use some tinted powder at least.

I’m not used to wear sunscreen every day, and I hope this powdered SPF will help me to get a routine. It’s hard, as most of the sunscreens have sticky textures or smell too heavy, and both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide tend to leave a heavy feeling on my skin. Now I hope that I can gradually higher the amount of SPF and adjust my facial care regimen until I feel okay with using SPF (almost) every day.

If my skin feels tight (which it does like anytime) I add a heavy cream or balm to my routine.

Even though I like these products very much, it made sense that they were in Boxwalla’s summer box. They are hydrating and make my skin feel plump, but the feeling goes away pretty soon as they are far to lightweight for fall/winter. I think I will put Ruby in the fridge and switch to a very rich and creamy balm or cold cream.

In the next few days I have to go to customs and get my Earthwise Beauty sample sizes. It will make me cry to pay for customs, it’s pretty bad here in Germany. But before I’m going to order full sizes, I want to make sure that I love the products.

All EWB’s products are made with incredible knowledge and best organic ingredients. Take your time to pick a product and google the single ingredients for their plant powers. Than have a look at how Ava combined those plant powers to the most wonderful textures and scents in her products.

Head over to Earthwise Beauty and don’t forget to have a look at Ava’s blog. If you’re from Europe you can get her products from Eminessences (Belgium) or Divine Green Beauty (France).

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