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What’s happened lately at green conscience? Here is my update.



In the last weeks I tried to get rid of some sample sachets that pile up in my sample drawer. Yes, I admit it: I have a small drawer where I have to stock samples and trial sizes because there are soo much of them. I used up quite a lot and liked some of the products.

  • Yüli Halcyon Cleanser: I liked it so much that I bought a full size.
  • Dr. Alkaitis Organic Treatment Oil: This is part of the travel kit which I also bought.
  • Urtekram Blond Shampoo: When I think about it, I like Urtekram as a brand very much. I also used up a large bottle of shampoo and have stocked some other items. I am not blonde, but the shampoo was even nice for my hair. It is good to know for me that the formulation of their hair care products work for me!
  • Safeas Fig Hydro Active Moisturizing Cream: Although it contains glycerin – which I tend to avoid – my skin was happy with this sample. The consistency is lighter than most creams I use, so this could be a product for summer.

I used up a lot more samples than these ones, and afterwards my skin showed me that I should get rid of my sample stash. Okay, you won.

Buys and Rebuys

My essential oils are part of my everyday life. I have some at work, and whenever I use up a dropper bottle, I replace it with some other essential oils. Primavera has two blends that I like very much, Leichter lernen (learning easier) and Glück teilen (share your luck), both are on the citrusy, uplifting side. I finished them up in summer and rebought them now as I have missed them too much.


This one I have to share with you: the most delicious vegan chocolate bar for nougat junkies! I discovered the new Vivani chocolates at Vivaness and was instantly addicted. Since spring I have bought this bar and its larger version numerous times.

Green Beauty Boxes

The october and november Fairy Boxes have arrived. I am impressed with the variety of products that Fairy Box puts in their boxes.


  • Lavender petals
  • Faby native nail polish
  • Apeiron shampoo and conditioner, trial sizes
  • Benecos natural nail care pen

The lavender I store at work because my husband has reactions to it, and I use it to drop essential oils into the petals. I have a tiny container where I replace the petals every few days, and like how the smell of the lavender mixes with my essential oils.
Not so much delighted I am with the Benecos nail care pen. The pen itself is really good, but the ingredients of the oil blend do not soften my cuticles enough. Mhm.


  • Badefee bathing tea
  • Joik foot and hand peeling
  • Lady green konjac sponge
  • Navora apple hand cream
  • Benecos super long lashes mascara

As I do not have a bath tub, I will pass on the bathing tea to someone else. Inside the bag filled with herbs and petals is some cocoa butter to soften the skin, and I would really have liked to try this bathing tea. I do not like the hand cream but am eager to try the peeling. The sponge will rotate into my used konjac sponges as soon as there is some collateral damage of washing them regularly. And the mascara? I haven’t opened it yet as I do not want to waste my Zuii and Alterra mascara which I really really like (and haven’t been open long enough to replace them).

So: yes! I like the Fairy Box! The first boxes were gifted samples, but I tend to pay for stuff I like, therefore I ordered the boxes as customer. I think that it is more authentic to say that I like something when I paid for it, and that this authenticity is important for you, dear readers, when I write about gifted samples.
Fairy Box only contains cruelty free and natural cosmetics. One box costs 20€ to 25€ regarding if you have a subscription or not and I am happy to pay those 20 €uros for what I get.

Link Love

Have you seen Laura’s essential oil collection? And Rachels non natural switch back?
I use essential oils every day, but not in a therapeutic way. Yet. In the meantime I know more about EOs, and I am going to get involved in them even more. I started with patchouli and incense in skincare (read more about that here), and in future I will add EOs to my range of natural medicine (like my batch flower remedy drops or homeopathic globuli) that I use before I reach for conventional medicine.

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