Zeitgeist #4

Zeitgeist 4

What happened the last weeks? I’ll give you a short catch-up to my beauty world!

Buys and Rebuys

I like the Lavera Pink Energy Shower Gel very much. It smells really refreshing and energizing in a fruity way, and it contains extracts of pink grapefruit and pink pepper. This was a limited edition and when I wanted to rebuy the shower gel, it was no longer available in most stores. When I finally found a shop that had it in stock, I bought two shower gels and a body lotion as backup. The shower gel lathers very well for a natural one, and mostly after biking to work I enjoyed using it. If you find a store that has some of those left, smell if you like the fragrance!
Lavera Pink Energy Shower Gel


I ordered the Biobox Beauty and Care and got my first one in August. Unfortunately, the Lakshmi lip product was a combined colour and balm pot which I already own (I got mine on the Vivaness fair). The other products (an eyeshadow duo, a basic creme, a trial size of hair soap, a shower gel) were not that great as I own the eyeshadow in another (and loved) colour combination, I have a hair soap of the company that provided the trial size, and so one by one all the products did not make sense for me. I sadly sent the box back and hope for better luck in October.
Biobox September

I also received the Vegan Beauty Box and am really happy with the things on second thought. I was really keen to test the agronauti cleansing foam, but in my box was a face cream – at first, I was disappointed, but the ingredients read okay – but it contains cetyl-/cetearyl alcohol which I tend to avoid. The other products in the box are a black eyeliner, lip conditioner, olive oil soap and a face peeling.
Vegan Beauty Box September

This is the first Fairy Box I bought after the blogger samples I got. I really like the idea of the products being paired together! In this box I got a face wash and mask, a hair mask and styling gel, and a lipstick.
Fairy Box September

Beauty Tools

Ebelin added mini beauty sponges to their product range. I already use the big ones but do not love them. A fellow blogger suggested to blend mineral concealer with those mini sponges onto the under eye area, which sounds convincing. I think I’ll try those mini sponges with highlighter as well, as they should blend it very well. (They are soo tiny, really cute! I bought a twin-pack and have already used them a few times.)
Ebelin Make-Up Sponges normal and mini


I have filtered the grapeseed oil that I have mixed with milled rose petals, chamomile, vanilla bean etc. Now the oil is much much darker and smells mostly of vanilla bean and lavender; chamomile and rose are not that present. Next time I should be more lighthanded when adding lavender and vanilla bean as I do not like the warmth of the scent as much as I thought. You have to either shake the oil before use to disperse the plant powder in the oil, or you have to pour off the oil from the sediment – in the filtered oil remain enough plant particles to make a lees. The oil is lightweight and quickly absorbed, just as common grapeseed oil. Are there benefits from the extracts? I don’t know so far as I’ve been using the oil for only a couple of days. But I love the idea of budget-DIY some stuff!


Lately I suffered a lot from heartburn and have taken medication regularly. I now that I should eat more healthy, not as much chocolate and not as much cheese which are most likely to cause my heartburn. I have been offered to receive Luvos healing earth in granulate form and will give that a try. I already own healing earth, but I do not like the sandy feeling in my mouth. The granulates are easier to swallow, but I do not like it as much as I hoped for. My heartburn is better now, so I will give it a try in the long run for the rest of the month.
Luvos Imutox Earth Granules

Green News

Dr. Hauschka released their stone palette in a limited edition. It contains a double brush and some instructions how to use the four different colours. I don’t have one, but am curious to try.

I am into all tones of orange right now. Orange blush, orange lipcolour, orange eyeliner, and there is nearly nothing available in bold orange colour on the green beauty market. Lavera is going to have a limited edition with orange colour, and I think I am going to get their blush and maybe even lipstick.

Link Love

My German and English blog posts:

Co-bloggers’ articles in both English …

… and German (some with English translation):

Regina from Sonnesprossen did a give-away and I was a lucky one to get three products from mysalifree:
Mysalifree Body Products
You know that I use the eye cream, and I am really happy that I can try more of the product range for sensitive skin.
Mysalifree Eye Care

Zeitgeist #3 was posted on my German blog, click here for a Google translation.

How was your summer?

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