myrto-naturalcosmetics antistatic hair oil

I am so happy to share this blogpost with you. Finally I have found a hair oil that is not weighing down, making my hair manageable and soft. The myrto-naturalcosmetics antistatic hair oil is by far the best hair oil I have used!

myrto antistatic hair oil

So that’s what I think about this oil; read my expectations to get further information about what the numbers mean.

hair oil | 100 ml in brown glass bottle | 16,50€ | bought myself

Ingredients (7/10)
The hair oil is vegan and mostly organic, promoted ingredients make the most part of the formula. There are no cheap fillers added. I’m not sure if essential oils are fully declared, and I do not know if Isoamyl Laurate or PCA Glyceryl Oleate is derived from palm oil. They claim that they don’t use preservatives, but in this case, tocopherol is used in the formula and it does preserve it.

Marketing/Price (9/10)
16,50€ pro 100ml
My expectations are fulfilled, there are no nonsense marketing claims, no quibbling. The price is okay for both extended use of the oil as a scalp treatment as well as leave-in. Sadly, there are no trial sizes available.

Packaging (9/10)
The oil is in a glas bottle with a pipette, which is practical and hygienic. Ingredients are listet on the back and the bottle is reusable. There is no large size available, but as shampoos now can be bought in larger bottles, maybe in future also the hair oils will be available like that?

Subjectives (10/10)
Application: I used this as a pre-wash scalp treatment and soaked my scalp with the oil. With the pipette you can easily apply a small amount of oil onto skin beneath. Also, I mixed it with conditioner, aloe vera and honey to get a pre-wash hair mask. I applied it on both wet and dry ends and tried the Öltunke-method, too. Oil-dipping (Öltunke) means that you mix some drops of oil with a little water in a jar, then add water with high pressure so that the oil disperses finely, and immediately soak your lengths with the dispersion. I added about 10 drops of hair oil to 1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice, a pea sized amount of raw honey and some chamomile infusion before I added half a litre of water. I soaked my lengths and poured the rest of the dispersion over my head.

When used as any kind of pre-wash, I could easily rinse it with a regular amount of my normal shampoo. That is absolutely no problem for me! First I was afraid that there would be a residue left in my hair when only shampooing (and not using a conditioner to dissolve the oil first), but I shouldn’t have worried. The feeling on skin and hair is pretty lightweight. The oil is quickly absorbed, and it does not feel sticky-greasy. I could massage it into my scalp very well without pulling my hair.

After the use my skin feels calm and plump, and my hair is more manageable – especially when I do oil-dipping. When oil-dipping, it is recommended to start with 2 to 3 drops of oil, and I intended to break that rule to evenly cover my hair with this oil as an overnight pre-wash treatment. The next day, all the oilyness had gone and I was rewarded with soft, manageable hair. That was when I started using 10 drops of oil after a regular hair wash. With 10 drops, my hair takes longer to dry, and in the first place seems a little stringy. But in the afternoon, when my hair is dry and the oil is completely absorbed, it feels gorgeous. The touch to my hair is incredibly soft, my (split) ends don’t tangle at all, and I can comb or even brush through my hair without resistance. It’s not as smooth as with silicone based hair oil, but I think that I have about 80% of the effect (which I think is extremely good).

The antistatic hair oil smells just a little woody and citrusy. I would have preferred a stronger bergamot scent, but it is absolutely okay as I can add some drops of essential oils to my bottle (actually, I put 25 drops of bergamot essential oil to it). If it were too much, you couldn’t take it away! The smell doesn’t stay in my hair after drying, sadly, as I like it very much. As the bottle comes with a pipette, the packaging doesn’t need to be that fancy. I like it. There is no nonsense written on the bottle, but you get lots and lots of useful information on Myrto’s web page.

I like the ingredients, they are just perfect for the purpose of giving your hair back elasticity, defrizz it and add some shine. The benefits of this hair oil are outstanding, I have never ever used an oil that was more suitable for my fine hair, and I tried many oils like argan, grapeseed, sacha inchi, jojoba, broccoli seed, to name a few.

I paid myself to buy this hair oil, and I am pretty sure that I will do it again as soon as the bottle is finished up. Myrto have very high standards regarding ingredients and fair trade, and for me it is remarkable that they manage to sell their products for those low prices. Yes, 16 €uros is not a budget, but it is not much at all for what you get for the money. The product is reasonably priced as the biggest amount of ingredients is organically grown.

All in all: 35 of 40 points
Personally, I love this hair oil. Myrto doesn’t declare if there are other essential oils in the product than bergamot and atlas ceder, I do not know if there is any palm oil used in the product (but if it were, I am certain that they would buy sustainable palm oil if available on the market), and they added vitamin E as a preservative (which wouldn’t have bothered me at all if it weren’t for their statement that they do not use preservatives). And it would be cool to get the oil in trial sizes, maybe 10 or 15 ml? That would be absolutely useful on vacation as I tend not to have big bottles of cosmetics stuff with me.

So, that’s all I could criticize – pretty cool, don’t you think?

Find the oil in myrto’s shop and read my unboxing blogpost (here is a google translation from German to English).

Here is some information from myrto’s website:

Ingredients: “Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Isoamyl Laurate, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil, Squalane, PCA Glyceryl Oleate, Tocopherol, Limonene*, Linalool* *from essential oils”
Essential Oils: Bergamot (organic cultivation), Atlas Cedar (organic cultivation)
No emulsifier, no preservatives, no alcohol, no silicones, no petroleum derivatives, no synthetic coloring or artificial fragrances are added. The product is without genetic modification or nanoparticles. The product is vegan.

Suitable for:
The higly pure BIO ANTISTATIC HAIR OIL is an intensive care for permed, color-treated, brittle and fragile hair, often statically charged.

Especially in winter and wool hat time the hair is exposed to additional stress by dry heating air in combination with cold weather: The hair is flying by static electricity and lacks shine. Here Bio Antistatic Hair Oil provides rich nutrients needed to regenerate damaged hair and split ends. Bio Anti-Static Hair Oil contains a powerful combination of selected cold-pressed plant oils from organic cultivation and an additional anti-static repair complex of pure plant origin. With regular use, texture and elasticity of the hair fiber is improved, natural healthy hair shine is added.
Organic Macadamia Seed Oil – particularly protective and soothing for dry and sensitive skin, easily absorbed into skin without greasy feeling. It smoothes and restructures the porous hair shaft of dry and colored hair;
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil – nourishes damaged hair, improves elasticity and shine;
Organic Babassu Seed Oil – provides structure and shine, improves strength of hair fiber.
Repair-complex of plant origin – antistatic, improves wet combing, smoothing the rough surface of damaged hair fiber.

The Organic Anti-Static Hair Oil can be applied in several ways:
1. As regenerating rinse-off treatment: Before shampooing 30 minutes or longer, eg leave overnight to be effective. Mainly apply on dry and porous hair ends and damaged outer hair, spare hairline. Thoroughly rinse off with mild organic shampoo.
2. As leave-in treatment for healthy and shiny hair tips: Take about 3-5 drops, rub between your hands, knead in hair tips thoroughly.
3. As rinse-off scalp treatment: Apply sparingly dropwise with a pipette directly to the scalp and massage gently. Leave on 30 minutes or longer. Then thoroughly rinse off with mild organic shampoo.
We process the ingredients of our products as natural as possible. We completely do without preservatives. Our vegetable oils are native, cold pressed and certified organic or from certified wild collection, preferably from Fair Trade projects. The plant extracts we use are of organic quality as well. We prefer CO2 extraction, in order to obtain the full spectrum of a plant authentically. Our pure essential oils are obtained solvent-free, work in synergy and are very carefully dosed.

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