Mineral Eye Shadow: Eye of the Day

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright coloured mineral eye shadow! Sunnivah, one of my favourite beauty bloggers, did a tutorial about eye make-up with four colours for total beginners, and I instantly wanted to create an eye make-up for me.

Given fact: my eyelids are no longer tight and firm, the skin is dropping and hides the lid. Therefore I had to adapt the tutorial for my hooded eye. Also I do have a lot of very bright and colourful mineral eye shadows in my stash that I don’t use very often. But when blended, the colours get very, very soft! So here it is, my four-coloured eye of the day:

As a quick overview I took three flash photos for you, the first one shows the applied colours, the second one the blended colours with eye liner, and the third one the finished eye make-up with winged liner and mascara.




This is what I was going to do:

  • I applied lilac shimmer eye shadow on the lower lid with a wet brush.
  • With the same lilac colour I highlighted below the brow.
  • With a rose-and-golden shimmer eye shadow on a wet brush I covered the upper lid right up to the crease and slightly above. You can see two lines at the top of my eye: the upper line indicates how far up I have to apply eye shadow so it can be seen when I open my eyes. The dotted line just below the upper line indicates how much of the colour will be seen when I open my eyes. So quite a lot of the rose-and-golden eye shadow is nowhere to be seen because of my hooded eye.
  • I applied a burgundy-brown blue-shimmer eye shadow with a wet brush at the outer triangle of the lower eye lid.
  • I blended all colours to a smooth and soft eye make-up.
  • I applied dark grey eye liner.
  • I applied two coats of black mascara.


These are the colours when applied wet. They are very bright and can be placed really precisely.

My eye is only half open to give you an imagination of how much of the colour will be lost even though I applied a generous amount.

When blended, a lot of coverage is broken down to shimmery dust that blends with the other colours. What is left is a hint of lilac, a hint of rose, and a hint of burgundy. The rest stays in the blending brush. So don’t blend to much so all of the colour is lost!

Here you see the grey eye liner …

… I added a wing …

… and applied two coats of mascara.


How do you like the schematic draft of my eye make-up?

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