With Knowledge comes Responsibility

When you use natural cosmetics and regularly read ingredients lists, your knowledge about the ingredients will rise as you might look up things that you don’t know.

With knowledge comes responsibility!

Let’s take gluten. When you know that you don’t tolerate gluten, you won’t eat it, right? Because you know the bad consequences. But what about palm oil? When you know about the consequences when you use products that contain (non-sustainable or ‘green’) palm oil, you should not re-buy those products. And in fact, if you do not know if there are palm oil derivatives in your products, you should look up the ingredients list and get knowledge about that fact.

On the other hand you should support companies that use ‘green’ palm oil (and its derivatives), because that makes the point. There is no world without palm oil, so let’s keep track that the palm oil we use does not harm the environment or those who work with it in agriculture.

There are more things than palm oil, maybe your gluten is harsh detergents or colourings or perfume. When you educated yourself in something, make a point, and spend your money for better alternatives.

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