1 Year Blogging Anniversary


A year ago I posted my first blogpost on Kosmetik natürlich. I was very nervous: would anyone read my blog? Was anyone interested in what I have to say? Today I know that the answer is yes. Sometimes my articles are mainstream, but I have also specials like my oily-dry-skin blogposts that are read by lots of people that do not follow my blog.

My writing style changed, the way I take photos changed – bless god! – and I change, too: I take loads of photos now, I write in English, and I learn a lot about the internet and life. In the beginning no one commented on my blog. Maybe the readers did not know what to think of my blog or they did not want to sign in an account to be able to comment. But after a while I had commenting readers: Thank you!

Then the server which hosted my blog crashed. Everything but the plain text was gone and I was scared: would I ever get my photos and layout back into my articles? That’s when I first thought about getting my own domain and web space. So here I am, like Phönix from the ashes, with my two domains (GreenConscience.de and GreenConscience.org) that together are my blog!

By now I have written about 100 blogposts and have about 70 followers on both my English and German blog. A blog is nothing without it’s readers, so again Thank you! In the last time I bought give-aways for you, and now at my anniversary, I want to share with you some beauty and wellness products:


The give-aways are posted in separate blog posts both on my German blog and here, so If you have a German shipping address you can take part there, too. Three of the six parcels ship international, though, and will be posted here.

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    1. Yes, that’s what I thought, too! I tried several layouts and chose this one because it is so versatile. Then I realised that your blog looked familiar in some way. We have good taste!

  1. Thanks! The picture-thing was a little scary for me in the beginning. I thought I had to compete with all the other bloggers which were blogging for so long, and I tried to copy several things that I liked. That ended up in a total mess. By now I developed a personal style with mostly grey background colours and clean focus on the products.

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