Empties July & August 2014

August is over and so seems the summer. In the last two months I have used up some products, and today I will show you some of them.

Empties July & August 2014

Farfalla: Aloe Vera Gel Classic
One of my favourite summer products for beach days is now empty. I loved to use it on my face, arms and shoulders for some extra moisture. Swimming in the sea and numerous showers dry the skin, the gel helped to minimize that effect. In the evenings I spread some aloe gel over my back and sprayed hydrolate over it. That cooled my body somewhat and made it easier falling asleep in the hot climate.
Repurchase? Yes, next year right before summer.

Martina Gebhardt: Propolis Cream
I tried several of Martina Gebhardt’s creams and love them all, but this one works a little better for my oily-dry skin than some others. There are some MG minis left and I will give the other types a chance to convince me. The ingredients are great and all the products are Demeter certified.
Repurchase? Definitely! Maybe not the Propolis Cream, but certainly one of MG’s cold creams.

Farfalla: Nerola, perfume trial size
The small pump spray bottle is a good size to place in your handbag. I own several of Farfalla’s fragrances in that size in order to find a scent that I really like. I found it in Nuvola which I repurchased in full size. However I will use up all the mini sizes as they smell okay for me even I do not love them as much as Nuvola.
Repurchase? No, not the Nerola fragrance.

Alverde Naturkosmetik: Transparent Eyebrow Gel
This German budget beauty brand provides the – for me – best eyebrow styling product. The gel comes in a tube like mascara: you first brush your brows with the small brush attached at the top of the container and then fix them with the gel. There are coloured versions available for blond and brunette hair, but I like the transparent one. The eyebrow gel is Natrue certified as natural cosmetics with organic portion which means that at least 70% of the natural ingredients are organic.
Repurchase? Yes, already in use.

Surya Brasil: Amazonia Preciosa Brasil Nut Conditioner & Brasil Nut Shampoo
Two trial sizes with 10ml each were not enough to form an opinion, but I liked the scent very much. The ingredients seem good but I do not know the brand.
Repurchase? Maybe, I’m not sure.

Kimberly Sayer: Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF 30
I mistook the cream for the ‘Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer’ when using it. The cream is so smooth and almost fluid that I liked it very much. Next I will try the Ultra Light version, I have a sample of that, too.
Repurchase? I strongly think about buying a Kimberly Sayer sunscreen as you can layer them over your usual day cream.

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Which product that you used up this month are you gonna miss?

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